Friday, March 18, 2011

In the wild - VI

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In the wild - III - Jan 30th, 2011
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In the wild - Dec 28th, 2010

Although one sees QR codes more often in print (e.g. see the below), they are still somewhat rare elsewhere (speaking for here in the U.S. that is). And this is from someone that is usually on the lookout for them....

Some other QR-related news and links:

There's a pretty basic Adobe Air QR code generator
Another QR-centric web site: QRMonkey
Article on the use of QR codes on S. Korean bus stops
US State Department Uses QR Code for Mobile Access
NYC Building Permits Are Getting QR Codes
Decoding Art: Delivering interpretation about public artworks to mobiles
Picasso Exhibit Gets Interactive With QR Codes & Augmented Reality [PICS]
EPA’s letter grade automobile stickers could bring QR codes to car windows in 2013
You knew it would happen: Adult movie industry embraces QR codes
And from a reputation management company: What To Do About QR Bar Code Hijacking

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QR reader reviews:

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