Sunday, December 5, 2010

Additional BB QR readers - IV

The December 2nd blog entry 'Additional BB QR readers' noted that i-nigma did not have a reader for the Torch. Well, now they do, download it OTA from here.... When you launch i-nigma it starts up in landscape mode and immediately begins to scan for a QR code (you do not take a picture of the QR code that is then decoded). Tests on several codes showed that it decodes them fairly rapidly, and then can take the next step (e.g. go on line if a url) depending on what you have entered in the settings menu. The software has a number of ways to 'share' the information you have scanned (e.g. via SMS, Facebook/Twitter, etc.)...

One can save information automatically in 'History' (if set up to do so in 'Settings'), and can also save to 'Favorites'. It's easy to review and subsequently share information from either of those areas...

The bottom line? I-nigma appears to be an excellent reader, because of its success rate (admittedly based on a very unscientific sampling of QR codes) and its speed to decode. It's different from most other QR readers I've tried, in that on launch it immediately looks to scan a code vs. going to some sort of main menu,. However, that's not a big deal if you are expecting that behavior! Strangely enough, while running it seems to prevent my BB screen capture software (CaptureIt) from working, thus the (slightly blurry) photos rather than screen captures... A possible concern of some may be the very cursory mention of the sharing of customer activity that you see before you download the software (see highlighted section below).

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