Saturday, April 28, 2018

eBeam Smartpen - first look

Received and unboxed the eBeam Smartpen that I had backed on Indiegogo... (I bought a yellow and a red one).


Plugged it in to charge up... I downloaded the eBeam Note app from Google Play and it showed how to use the item (not real obvious from the anemic paper "manual" that came in the box).


Started the app, it discovered my pen, I connected, then gave a quick try. Added the sensor to some paper and then wrote something random:


The result? Quite amazing fidelity given how bad my handwriting is! OK, so that's all I'm trying for now.  It does have many additional capabilities - you can synchronize your notes with OneNote, Dropbox, or Google Drive; you can share the notes via email or other apps; you can edit them; and you can also convert your notes to text.

In addition there are two other apps - eBeam Keyboard and eBeam Meeting - that further extend the capabilities. The first allows you to chat, etc; the second allows you to share and collaborate with others - you can invite and share with others in real time and authorize other meeting participants to annotate the notes.

I tried the conversion to text for the above, the result wasn't that great, but given the quality of the handwriting it actually didn't seem that bad! 

eBeam Smartpen reviews:
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Monday, April 23, 2018

Random charts- West Bank

"A complex series of concrete walls, electronic fences, and other obstacles to control Palestinian pedestrian and vehicular movement. Palestinian access to land and communities located behind the Barrier is subject to a permit or prior coordination regime. In its 2004 Advisory Opinion, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) established that the sections of the Barrier which run inside the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, together with the associated gate and permit regime, violate Israel’s obligations under international law."