Saturday, April 26, 2014

Random charts - Ukraine

OK, so polling Ukrainians it is clear that Ukraine should remain a unitary country and join the European Union (and definitely not a customs union with Russia, etc.):


Uh, well perhaps not so cut and dried after all:

Well, at least confidence in the current government "holds."


Err, that's one way of putting it...


Random charts - strategy


Source: Research on the strategy-execution gap

"Executives disclose in a survey we conducted that their companies have significant shortcomings when it comes to developing and executing strategy. Indeed, 42% of executives admit they are significantly concerned about at least one barrier to successful strategy and execution and another 54% have some concern; only 4% indicate that they are not concerned about any barrier. Fully 55% of executives believe that their company isn’t focused on execution. (The survey garnered responses from 500+ executives at all levels of seniority and from companies of various sizes, geographies, and industries.)..."

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Random charts - health apps


OK, so spotted an online report that started: "... A new study released today by mobile engagement provider Mobiquity, Inc. has found that while 70 percent of people use mobile apps on a daily basis to track calorie intake and monitor physical activities, only 40 percent share data and insights with their doctors..." 

This didn't seem to compute! With the obesity epidemic, people taking poor care of their health, etc., etc. my first reaction was that it seemed pretty unlikely that 70% of people pay attention to their caloric intake and physical activities, let alone use smartphone apps to track them! Additionally, it's probably unlikely that 70% of the population even have the smartphones necessary!

A quick check of Google confirmed the second point -smartphone penetration among U.S. adults only runs at 58 percent!

Reading the actual report cleared up the matter - the survey was of people who already use or plan to use smartphone mhealth apps! A far cry from 70% of "people"!

OK, with that cleared up, enjoy the report...

Random chart - mammography