Sunday, August 17, 2014

Follow-up - drug side-effect suits

Some previous blog entries related to pharma suits:
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Wyeth v. Levine - Mar 22nd, 2009

Previous blog entries, see links above, had looked at suits related to drug side effects and manufacturers' 'duty to warn.' One entry referenced 'Wyeth vs. Levine', in which Diana Levine sued Wyeth and prevailed on 'pre-emption' (against the trade-name drug manufacturer), while  another referenced 'Mensing' in which Gladys Mensing sued Actavis on 'pre-emption' (against the generic manufacturer) and ultimately lost.

However, in both cases the plaintiffs sued the actual manufacturer of the drug that they were taking. Now, however, the Alabama Supreme Court has upheld its ruling that a plaintiff can sue the trade name manufacturer when they actually used drug made by a generic manufacturer... Read this for their reasoning...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Additional OCO update

Earlier this month Update VI - OCO update discussed the OCO. Back in In June 2011 this blogger had noted that "...the CBO Baseline of March 2011, against which all proposals are scored to determine their effect, included $1.7 Trillion of overseas contingency operations funds (i.e. funds for the operations in Afghanistan and Iraq) over the next ten years..." and that this would leave 'magical money' available for the Pentagon (which at the time was predicting that sequestration would result in doom!).

Now, finally, it appears that lawmakers "from both parties" have woken up to this, expressing "...concern that the funding request is setting a dangerous precedent of maintaining a “slush fund” for the Pentagon to use without any congressional oversight..." Apparently sometimes it takes a while...

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