Saturday, March 24, 2012

SpareOne quick look

So, how about a cell phone designed for use in emergencies? If/when your cell phone dies and you can't recharge it, take out your SIM, pop it into your emergency cell phone, and you're good to go! Rated 10 hours of talk on a single AA battery... Even has a built in flashlight of a sort... Try out the SpareOne.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Headline from earlier this week (see above) - 'Santorum Sweeps Alabama and Miss.' with the subheading 'Gingrich takes 2nd; Romney limps in 3rd.'

Hmm, so apparently Romney took a shellacking! Well, perhaps not - in Mississippi Santorum took 32.8% of the vote, Gingrich 31.2%, while Romney "limped in" with 30.6%, while in Alabama Santorum took 34.5%, Gingrich 29.3%, with Romney at 29%.

Wow, that's quite a some "sweep" and quite some "limping." In fact, in Mississippi, Romney actually won more delegates than Santorum (even though this was not the case in Alabama).

Once upon a time (perhaps) one could read the news and get factual reporting....

Note: At the same time both Hawaii and American Samoa held their caucuses, and in both of these Romney extended his delegate lead...