Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Headline from earlier this week (see above) - 'Santorum Sweeps Alabama and Miss.' with the subheading 'Gingrich takes 2nd; Romney limps in 3rd.'

Hmm, so apparently Romney took a shellacking! Well, perhaps not - in Mississippi Santorum took 32.8% of the vote, Gingrich 31.2%, while Romney "limped in" with 30.6%, while in Alabama Santorum took 34.5%, Gingrich 29.3%, with Romney at 29%.

Wow, that's quite a some "sweep" and quite some "limping." In fact, in Mississippi, Romney actually won more delegates than Santorum (even though this was not the case in Alabama).

Once upon a time (perhaps) one could read the news and get factual reporting....

Note: At the same time both Hawaii and American Samoa held their caucuses, and in both of these Romney extended his delegate lead...

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