Thursday, December 2, 2010

Additional BB QR readers

Tried out the Beetagg QR System... which reads QR codes as well as their own, non-standard BeeTagg codes. Had good success with QR codes, for example see screenshots below from the QR code above:

Next up, the AT&T Code Scanner... (which can be down loaded OTA here). The success rate with QR codes was fairly good, however I struck out when trying it with EAN codes on a number of books. Also, when exiting the program it says that it will leave the camera open (?!)

Example of success with a QR code:

And with the QR code at the top of this entry....

Went to give them a second try, however at present there is no i-nigma version currently available for the Torch (BB 9800):

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  1. you will notice most point and shoot apps DO keep the camera open.. the AT&T code scanner just happens to be the only one that lets the user know.

  2. You have a point there, it's not just the ATT program... However, when you close/exit some QR readers the camera is not left open. Of my top 4 "keeper" progs, 3 (Barcode Assistant, ScanLife, and QR Code Scanner Pro) do not keep the camera open, while 1 does (Mobiletag)