Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the wild...

The December 6th blog entry 'Together' pulled together previous entries related to QR codes and QR readers... Having tried many readers, this blogger is usually on the lookout for QR codes "in the wild," unfortunately without a great deal of luck... Mostly rare glimpses in magazines, such as the two examples below:

While the first (above) makes some sort of sense, the second is a little more iffy... This advertisement (see below) sends the person who gives this QR code a whirl to Twitter, specifically to Kennedy1960, "On the campaign trail with John F. Kennedy -- 50 years later. Experience the day-to-day workings of JFK's road to the White House. A project of the JFK Library."

OK, the number of people with smartphones is still quite low, and the number of these folks with QR readers on their smartphones is even lower. The number of folks in this already small demographic slice that also are on Twitter is probably minuscule! This wouldn't seem like the best implementation!

However, there is a fair amount of buzz around QR codes, even if the usage hasn't really taken off here (i.e. the U.S.). Some additional information:

Folks keep thinking up ways to make QR codes "better" for advertising e.g. 'framing':
Who Framed QR Codes?
QR Code Framing to Promote Engagement

QR code use in increasing, but sometimes advertisers go astray e.g. using QR codes in television advertising (seems a little odd, does one have to pull out a their smartphone and rush the TV screen?!?); not having meaningful experiences for the person who uses the QR code, etc:
Waitrose Offer Delia And Heston Blumenthal Recipes Via QR Code App
Lacoste QR campaign
MTS QR code campaign: you got the “quick”. Where’s the “response”?

Still, many useful, interesting, and creative examples abound:
QR codes deliver the Flamenco experience
Microsoft Tag and food (yes, this blogger understands that MS Tags are not QR)
Columbia uses QR codes
QR Wine Codes are All the Rage—the 2011 Prediction
A new tech-savvy way to keep you connected at the Library
Sales of "Santa Claus and the Lost Dog" to Benefit Stray Rescue Program

And some general reports related to QR:
R Codes: It’s Hip to Be Square
EnQii Launches QR Code-enabled Digital Signage
Générateurs de QRcodes : Le classement de QRdressCode

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