Friday, December 3, 2010

Additional BB QR readers - II

Deco by itsoft is a fairly "bare bones" reader that when tested successfully read a number of QR codes... A trial version can be downloaded from AppWorld that allows a free 5 scans per day, otherwise you have to buy. It is listed at $13.99, very expensive when you consider there are a number of free readers out there that are much better and have better functionality!

Next up, CertainTeed... From their web site: "... Demonstrating its commitment to innovation and sustainability, CertainTeed Corporation is launching a company-branded Quick Response (QR) code mobile smartphone app to simplify how architects, contractors, distributors and consumers get information about the company’s products. The first building products manufacturer to offer a branded QR Reader mobile app,..." A fairly "bare bones" reader, it works fairly well, though the "decoding" step is a little longer than with other readers I've tested... Screen captures below:

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Note: All of these tested on a BB 9800 (Torch)

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