Sunday, December 13, 2009

QR codes to hit the U.S.?

This blogger saw this article, Window Shop with Favorite places on Google and Mobile Phone,which discussed that Google is now pushing QR codes in the U.S. A quick visit to the Google Lat Long blog found that Google has "launched a new effort to send window decals to over 100,000 local businesses in the U.S. that have been the most sought out and researched on and Google Maps." These are to be designated as "Favorite Places" and be provided with a Google Favorite Place decal which will incorporate a QR code (see decal above). People who use their mobile phones to read the QR codes can visit the business' Google Place Page, which will have information on the business and possibly offer coupons, etc. Check out some Google Favorite Places here.

In the April 21st blog entry 'BB and 2D barcodes' this blogger discussed QR codes and looked at a number of reader packages for the Blackberry: NeoReader, Microsoft's Tag, i-nigma, and ScanLife. The August 22nd blog entry 'Misc update (BB/2D barcodes)' looked at Mobiletag. Blackberrycool's article QR Barcode Readers for BlackBerry Reviewed looks at NeoReader, Beetag, Upcode, and Okotag, and recommends NeoReader... as did this blogger.

The two earlier blog entries had bemoaned that there were not many real-world examples of the use of QR codes in the U.S. Perhaps this QR barcode push by Google, allied with the proliferation of iPhone, Blackberry, and Android smartphones ,will start to make their use more pervasive...


  1. UpCode are worth looking at as one of the European and World leaders in - it's not just about scanning codes UpCode's reader and programs offer systems and solutions across the board - find out more at

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  2. and what exactly are upcodes delivering that i cant do for free with QR codes.

    QR codes are license free for anyone to publish or read.

    Dont get suckered into paying for proprietary 2D barcodes.

  3. UpCode is not a code it's the program behind it - using QR DataMatrix 1D etc. all non proprietary world standard codes.

    Most applications are just 'decoders' UpCode is a reader - it can be used securely, is interactive, provides crm data, can be used for multi functionality and cross media i.e. anything from a simple connection to a url - track and trace, passport id, authentication and more besides.

    As you say Anonymous - dont get suckered into paying for any codes in fact - it's not to do with the codes as such - it's what you can do with them - and that's where we come out at the top of the list, along with a couple of other key market players incl. NeoMedia, 3GVision and Scanbuy.

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  4. Well I gave UpCode a try, but since I have a Bold 9700 I really didn't have much luck, see here