Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Random charts

Different "flat" projections of the globe, using a new technique, "myriahedral projections." Source: Unfolding the Earth: Myriahedral Projections, in The Cartographic Journal. From the article... "Mapping the earth is an old and intensively studied problem. For about two thousand years, the challenge to show the round earth on a flat surface has attracted many cartographers, mathematicians, and inventors, and hundreds of solutions have been developed. There are several reasons for this high interest. First of all, the geography of the earth itself is interesting for all its inhabitants. Secondly, there are no perfect solutions possible such that the surface of the earth is depicted without distortion. Finally, factors such as the intended use of the map (e.g. navigation, visualisation, or presentation), the available technology (pen and ruler or computer), and the area or aspect to be depicted lead to different requirements and hence to different optima." Jump for more...

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