Thursday, December 17, 2009

By his own words...

In Uganda a first-term parliamentarian has introduced a bill to penalize homosexuality. It would make the act of homosexuality a felony punishable by seven years in prison; and the act of "aggravated" homosexuality punishable by life imprisonment. (Ed note: In Uganda homosexuality is already illegal). The bill also includes penalties for not reporting (a fine and up to three years imprisonment); those who engage in same-sex marriage are imprisoned for life; while anyone who "aids and abets" homosexuality is liable for seven years....

Condemnation, rightly, has poured in from around the world... In defense of himself and his bill Bahati has said at various times:

"You are either anti-homosexual, or you're for homosexuals, because there's no middle point. Anybody who does not believe that homosexuality is a crime is a sympathizer..."

"The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is a nice piece of legislation. It is a consolidation of values of Ugandans and the country at large. It aims at holding the integrity of Ugandans high in the sky... The family is the epitome of creation. And anything that deviates from our family values is evil, unacceptable. This Bill is focusing on ways through which Uganda can keep her family values safe and sound... The divine role of man is that of procreation, a far cry from this mentality that man and man can live in the same house as husband and wife, or a woman marrying a fellow woman... Combating homosexuality is not easy. There is massive recruitment in schools—mostly single-sex schools...," and "... supporting the cause of this Bill will provide Uganda as a country an opportunity to provide leadership in this area of safeguarding the traditional family..."

What a piece of work!

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