Friday, November 19, 2010

Misc. QR

A number of miscellaneous articles/updates on QR codes:
  1. QR codes come to bus stops in Washington, D.C., see 'Augmented Reality Coming to DC Bus Stops Today (Photo)' and 'QR codes on DC Circulator buses'
  2. The same in Kolumbus, Norway since earlier this year, see 'Første store QR-implementasjon?'
  3. In July QR codes showed up on... New York City garbage trucks, see 'NYC Garbage Trucks Take QR Codes Mainstream'
  4. 'Mobile Action Code Usage Study Released', a study of U.S. monthly magazines "... revealed that mobile action code usage is adding to consumer engagement in both editorial and advertising content. Mobile video, sweepstakes, and micro sites are the dominant means for reader engagement via “mobile action codes,” such as 2D bar codes, QR codes and Microsoft Tag..." It also found that over half of the codes led to video content (followed by micro-sites and various sweepstakes), and that the leading code was the Microsoft Tag, with a share of approximately 82%.
  5. A firm did surveys on QR code awareness and developed a nice infographic of their results...
  6. A Houston realty company is adding Microsoft Tags to yard sale signs, see 'John Daugherty, Realtors Adds Smartphone Technology to Houston Home Buying'
  7. A Japanese company, SetJapan, does "designer" QR codes.
  8. The DNA11 company does "DNA Ancestry Portraits" - send in a cheek swab, they determine your DNA haplotype, and upload your results to a customized web site. You get a "portrait" (actually the QR code of your customized resultsweb site) that when scanned takes you to your results...
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