Friday, November 26, 2010

ExoPC first look - II

OK, so this is not the tablet you want to buy if you are one of those who wants something that works straight out of the box, and are not willing to engage in or capable of major tweaking. On plugging in the ExoPC and getting it going you need to immediately install Windows updates and the latest ExoPC UI; create a restore image to a USB stick; and then update the touch screen firmware!

The Windows desktop and the ExoPC UI:

Some screen grabs:

Given the aspect ratio, this blogger wondered re how it would come across when used in portrait mode rather than landscape. As you can see the results varied. With Seesmic you could see more tweets at a time; with IE the web page required scrolling (though you could 'pinch' to fit on the screen); and the ExoPC UI didn't work out well in portrait at all... In addition, when you change the tablets orientation and the accelerometer changed the screen orientation, it was not immediate - the screen goes blank for five to six seconds, then 'comes back' in the new orientation. Two (smallish) blemishes so far!

ExoPC first look

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