Monday, November 29, 2010

RoadID enhanced

Going jogging? Out in the wilds? For some time you have been able to buy a RoadID bracelet for just in case the worst happens... Now they have 'upgraded' their product to make it even more helpful... Whereas before you had an engraved plate with your emergency information (for example a spouse's telephone number), in the latest iteration each Road ID has a serial number and PIN on the back of the plate. A good Samaritan or emergency responder can log in to their web site and enter the serial number and PIN from the plate to access the information you have entered in your profile e.g. see screen shot below for what information is available... So now you can set up your address, up to five emergency numbers, physician contacts, some medical information such as allergies and blood type, and miscellaneous information. Alternatively the good Samaritan or emergency responder can call a toll free number to access the same information. A nice improvement!

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