Monday, December 6, 2010


Interested in QR code software on the BB? Here. pulled together, are links to my looks at a number of QR applications:

Additional BB QR readers V - Mobiletag
Further ScanLife - ScanLife
Additional BB QR readers - IV - i-nigma
Additional BB QR readers - III - Barcode Assistant
Additional BB QR readers - II - Deco, CertainTeed
Additional BB QR readers - BeeTagg, AT&T Code Scanner
BB QR Code Scanner Pro - BB QR Code Scanner Pro
Barcode Happiness - I - barcoo
No luck - Upcode
Misc update (BB/2D barcodes) - Mobiletag (also updated above)
BB & 2D barcodes - NeoReader, Microsoft Tag, ScanLife

Note: These are quick looks, at various points in points in time of evolving systems, and from a Blackberry perspective (at various point using a Bold, a Bold 2, and then a Torch). So don't take as gospel, YMMV!!

Additional QR/barcode-related blog entries:
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Barcode happiness - II - Apr 11th, 2010
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Barcode update - Dec 29th, 2009
No luck - Dec 15th, 2009
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QR update - May 19th, 2009

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