Monday, January 10, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - VII

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Yet another QR code reader is Lynkee, which may be downloaded here... From the web site" "... Lynkee can read 2D codes (QR Code, Datamatrix), as well as linear barcodes (1D) such as EAN/UPC and ISBN..." (note: multiple attempts to read ISBN codes were unsuccessful)...


On start up it immediately launches your camera. you take a picture of the QR code, and it 'reads' the picture. Trying it out on several QR codes it read them all, except a free-text QR code required multiple attempts... The software provides you choices depending on the type of QR code scanned. For example, for a QR code with a url you can navigate to the url, bookmark it, or send it (either via SMS or e-mail); with a SMS QR code you can send or bookmark, etc. See below for some example screen shots:

The "Enter Code" functionality did not appear to work on my Torch, and I was unable to key in an ISBN code (no keystrokes had any effect, unfortunate that the manual entry option did not seem to work given that I could not scan the ISBN codes, and thus needed to enter them...). Clicking the 'Go to web' button also did nothing....

The bottom line? A very solid, basic QR code reader. However, it doesn't make it into my top three "keepers", which remain Barcode Assistant, ScanLife, and MobileTag, along with TagReader f(or proprietary Microsoft Tags).

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