Monday, January 10, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - VI

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Code Muncher is a new QR reader for the BB... It comes as a free version, but you may also pay to be able to get a "full version", that allows you to customize color, sound, etc. The first time you run Code Muncher it runs through a quick overview, on subsequent uses it usually immediately fires up the camera looking to scan a QR code (it does not take a picture to 'read'). Occasionally it might ask you for some information, or invite you to "upgrade" to the "full version."

On testing with a variety of QR codes, Code Muncher did well at 'reading' them in a reasonable time frame, e.g. see below. Although the "muncher" feature is apparently part of the selling proposition (and used in other applications by the company), this blogger was not fully aware, and when using this for the first time got a small scare (the volume was way up)!

Options include the ability to "upgrade' to the full version, e-mail a link re Code Muncher to a friend, send feedback on the application, and a variety of ways to interact further with the company if you so desire... (Get more, My Profile, and Rewards)

Change Color/Sound/Get Full Version:

Get More:

My Profile:


The bottom line? A very solid QR code reader but probably not versatile enough to stay on my BB, which has Barcode Assistant, ScanLife, and MobileTag as "keepers", along with (Microsoft) TagReader...

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