Sunday, January 2, 2011

In the wild - II

The December 28th blog entry, 'In the wild' looked at QR code implementation. Some additional examples of codes n the wild include the following:

Ran into one at the gas station - a Camel advertisement inviting one to "Join the Break and Reap the Rewards." A quick scan of the QR code takes you to the login screen for camel's mobile site, see below:

Somewhat of a fail, in that it is impossible to tell what is being offered without going through a sign-up process that asks for address, date of birth, etc. information... A quick Google search shows that it apparently is a campaign for smokeless tobacco products, see here and here. (Note: the info-heavy sign up is no doubt due to R.J.Reynolds wanting to protect itself from suits, etc., but they could have provided some inkling of what was on offer prior to the sign-up/login screen...)

Best Buy has a very extensive QR code implementation - almost all items have QR codes, which links you to a wealth of information on the product (e.g. warranties, accessories, specifications, user reviews, etc.), as well as the ability to order online, add to a wish list, etc.

Back in 2007 the Pet Shop Boys embedded a large number of QR codes in their single 'Integration,' see Pet Shop Boys Integral: Anti ID Card Song, With QR Codes! or (a rather bitchy it must be said) This week, Anna Pickard watches and picks apart the video for Integral by the Pet Shop Boys... The video itself is on YouTube... (Quote: "The video has over 100 QR Codes that are subliminal when watched in real time, but accessible to interact with if you navigate through the film using time controllers. The QR Codes are organised into sections that relate to specific issues of civil liberties.")

Finally, not sure if this really counts as 'in the wild", but my car...

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  1. I'd say your car counts. Even if its captive breed.

    Patrick, QrArts

  2. Patrick, thanx for dropping by... I check out your site periodically, very nice.