Tuesday, January 11, 2011

WMD *really* aren't what they used to be

Plumbing new depths of silliness....

The May 2006 entry 'WMD' reprinted in 2008 as 'WMD aren't what they used to be' lamented "the promiscious use of the term WMD" and argued that this was a bad thing... In January, 2010 the "underwear bomber" was charged with WMD offences per the definition in Section 2332a(c)(2)9A) Title 18, United States Code. And now we have the the latest iteration of "weapons of mass destruction", the high-capacity magazine! Following the the Giffords shooting, a proposal is to be introduced in the House to ban high-capacity magazines. Per the sponsor, Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) "... I think when you think about just common sense here, large capacity clips that can basically, in my opinion, be weapons of mass destruction, should not be available to the average citizen ..."

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