Sunday, January 16, 2011

On the money?

Visible Vote conducts periodic opinion polls of people who have signed up to use it, and a recent one asked respondents where they would reduce expenditures in order to reduce the federal budget. It was not an open-ended question, the possible choices were Health care, Social security, Defense, Education, or Other. The poll results are illustrated below:

Of the three largest (and approximately equal) areas of federal expenditure i.e. Defense, Social Security, and Health care (i.e. Medicare plus Medicaid), most went for Health care, fewer for Defense, and a small number for Social Security. Clearly, many of the respondents don't have a very clear idea of where government spending actually goes, especially those "voting" for cuts in the 'Education' and 'Other' categories (which account for a very small portion of total outlays)... The pie chart below shows outlays for Fiscal Year 2011...

Just for interest sake, here is the pie chart of where the money is coming from...

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