Monday, January 10, 2011

QR/bar codes w/Google Goggles

Tried out Google Goggles (on a Dell Streak with Android 2.2) on a variety of QR and 1D codes. Achieved good success with 1D codes (e.g. a can of spray-on nonstick, and a music CD), however the result with different QR codes was mixed. Url QR codes read and resolved fine; appointment QR codes read correctly but then Goggles does a Google search vs. adding it to the calendar; and Goggles failed to read a vcard QR code (given a number of attempts). Screen shots below:

1D UPC code:

url QR code:

Appointment QR code fail:

vCard QR code read failure:

1D barcode on a CD:


  1. I also hate that Google Goggles does not support the QR-codes in VCard format.. It would be great way for me to share contact information on both on my phone and on a business card! [Note can be done with Barcode Scanner ( and others.. but Google Goggles is the most widely used..]

  2. The other really frustrating thing is when I scan a MeCard (similar to vcard but designed for mobiles) it doesn't display the phone numbers encoded in them.