Saturday, January 22, 2011

Great quotes

"I also am reminded of others who have risen from the ashes. The city of Atlanta is the Phoenix city. The people of Haiti, likewise, will rise from the problems created by last year's earthquake and emerge stronger and better than before. That I know is Mr. Duvalier's deep wish and something that he knows in his heart."

- Bob Barr, ex-Congressman (R-GA), who accompanied Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti. CNN reported that Mr. Duvalier, also known as "Baby Doc", "... returned to Haiti in hopes of recovering millions frozen in Swiss bank accounts and channeling them through a U.S. intermediary to help rebuild his troubled homeland. In the past, Duvalier has attempted to personally claim the $5.7 million in a bank account belonging to a family foundation. But attorney Ed Marger said the highly controversial and polarizing former leader now wants to use the money to help Haiti, devastated a year ago by a massive earthquake...."

No doubt, Bob Barr is also guided by the same spirit of altruism, and is doing the travel on his own dime with no thoughts of collecting any fees!

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