Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Designer QR codes

QR codes don't just have to be black and white and blah... There are some companies designing some pretty unique and cool QR codes... Some examples:

SET Japan, "... a Tokyo based creative agency delivering captivating ideas, creative strategies and innovative production..." (from their 'About Us') has some great work out there, see below for the QR codes they developed for the Japanese Red Cross, and for The Little Prince.

(Note: the Red Cross site was not mobile-friendly, so a bit of a 'Fail' there...)

QR Arts is a company that "has been creating brand engagement strategies through 2d barcodes to integrate your current media assets and help connect your brand to consumers.", and also does designer QR codes, see here, and below for a specific QR code they developed for Raku, a trendy D.C. eatery.

Another company, Warbasse Design, "... created the True Blood designer QR Code and the mobile user experience it points to. The designer QR Code was placed at the end of a 30 second television ad which aired on Sunday May 23rd, during ABC's last episode of LOST® in NY, LA and Philadelphia. This is the first time in the history of Television and designer QR Codes that they have come together in the same space..."

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