Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Luna 100W Pocket Projector 2nd look

OK, to make sure to be fair to the Luna 100W (see my 1st look entry - in which the pictures shown were taken in a pretty bright room and projecting onto a beige-colored wall), here are a few more pictures. The first is from approximately two feet in a semi-lit room, the second from four feet, while the third is from approximately eight feet in a completely dark room.

It's actually a little better than the pictures make it out to be... though a few more lumen (perhaps ten or fifteen) would definitely be better. It works well for a narrated 'slideshow' of pictures, and I could see the possibility of doing an ad-hoc presentation with it (assuming not too large an audience in too large a room).

The Luna 100W is available at Amazon and other online stores for a not too onerous price. It's limitations are the brightness (only five lumen), and the battery life, which is rated at one hour of projection (note: I haven't tested this). Also, if/when the projector bulb dies, that might be the end - at first look it's not obvious that one will be able to change the bulb.

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