Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No longer...

This blogger has been a long-time daily reader of Andrew Sullivan from long before he moved over to blog at The Atlantic. With the exception of his crazed "balls to the wall", months-long diatribe against Hilary Clinton (during the Democratic primaries and beyond - since he feels the need to stick in a fork into her every so often) it has always been great - interesting stories, cogent observations, well-reasoned arguments, etc. Alas, no more - since John McCain's pick of Sarah Palin as his running mate Andrew has lost it... hello back "balls to the wall', adieu cogency, interest, etc.

This part-time blogger is delinking and will no longer make the daily visit to The Daily Dish. The last straw? After yeoman work making clear and exposing the Bush administration's use of torture; shedding light on the various abuses of power; shredding the excuses; and demonstrating the falsity of the entire edifice built upon and justified by the "we're at war" meme, what criticism does Andrew come out with - Palin's lack of experience, etc., is insufficient "... to be vice-president in wartime..." Aargh!

Of course, this is one of those "if a tree falls in the wood..." type things, Andrew's traffic is tens of thousands of times the volume of the handful of people that stop by here (assuming, charitably, that any of the visitors here are actually "regulars" vs. folks who inadvertently come here via search engine and leave immediately!), so this blogger's delinking and absence will not be noted!

Note: A couple of other sites that are also no longer worth following (due to what this blogger will call "election mania") are No Quarter and Talking Points Memo