Sunday, September 28, 2008

Boondoggle or silver bullet?

Researchers (and the DHS) continue to look for a security "silver bullet" that will solve their problems. "Future Attribute Screening Technologies" a.k.a FAST is designed to remotely identify 'malintent' (sic) from indicators of their pulse rate, breathing, skin temperature, fleeting facial expressions, etc.

This blogger is all for them ponying up seed money for companies with possible avenues for research that might lead to actual products, but only if extreme skepticism is the order of the day...

Note; the DHS's Science and Technology Directorate Human Factors Division "...looks at biometrics, motivation and intent, suspicious behavior detection, human factors engineering, public perception information and the social/behavioral/economic sciences to improve detection, analysis, and understanding and prevention of threats..." in a number of different "thrust areas."

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