Sunday, September 14, 2008

Knowledge Management

Nice overview of knowledge management...

"FM 6-01.1 has an introduction and three chapters. The introduction expands on the manual’s purpose and summarizes the doctrine it contains. Chapter 1 discusses the basic KM definitions, principles, and concepts. It concludes by discussing the relationship among battle command, knowledge management, and information management as well as the KM process in the operational Army and in Army force generation (ARFORGEN). Chapter 2 provides doctrine for KM section organization and functions. It also addresses Soldier duties and responsibilities. Chapter 3 discusses the KM process and associated techniques and procedures that KM sections use to improve KM within staffs. Appendix A contains checklists for content management. Appendix B contains techniques for adapting the after action review technique used during training to support learning during operations. Appendix C includes interviewing techniques for collecting observations, insights, and lessons from operations. Appendix D provides a sample agenda for KM working groups."

FM 6.01-1 Knowledge Management