Sunday, September 14, 2008

The danger we face...

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop of Rome, Vicar of Jesus Christ, Successor of the Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman province, Sovereign of the State of the Vatican City, Servant of the Servants of God is visiting France September 12th to 15th, the occasion being the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Lourdes.

Another opportunity for the Pope to continue his crusade against that ultimate danger facing the church the world... the silent apostasy of secularism. Yeah, right.

Some news paper headlines during his visit: 'At least 14 dead in a series of militant Islamic bombs in New Delhi'; 'A Palestinian teen killed by Israeli fire'; 'Four members of Iraqi TV kidnapped and killed in Mosul'; 'At least 82 dead in Cairo collapse'; 'At least four dead and eight wounded in an explosion in Baghdad'; 'At least six Kurdish fighters killed by an explosion'; 'Death of an Iraqi detainee: start of proceedings against an American sergeant'; 'Hurricane Ike hits the Texas coast, menacing all those who stayed'; 'Georgia; 5 camps closed: the Russian troops leave for Abkhazia'; and 'An Israeli infant stabbed by a Palestinian.'

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