Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Iraq violence...

As Petraeus hands over to Odierno:

"It is important to note, however, that there is a still significant residual level of violence because it is almost impossible to stop suicide bombings, car bombings, and the occasional use of improvised explosive devices [IEDs]."

"For the month of August, a comparatively quiet month in Iraq, the government reported 92 roadside bombs, 54 mortars, 7 car bombs, a dozen Katyusha rocket attacks and seven car bombs, resulting in 462 Iraqis killed or wounded."

"Although the number of civilian deaths in April 2008 increased slightly from February and March 2008, in May 2008 civilian deaths declined to levels not seen since January 2006, when the Coalition began tracking this data. Both Iraqi and Coalition forces reported that civilian deaths are 75% lower than July 2007 levels and 82% lower than the peak number of monthly deaths that occurred in November of 2006 at the height of sectarian violence. Periodic high-profile car and suicide vest bombings continued throughout the period and were largely responsible for the increased civilian deaths in April 2008."

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