Monday, September 29, 2008

Irony, thy name is E!

Yesterday this blogger was channel-surfing and happened to briefly see E!'s Fashion Police. They were busy critiquing the looks and outfits of the stars on "the red carpet." A fairly high quotient of catty remarks... What struck this blogger before he moved on to the next channel was the incongruity of a panel of badly dressed, fairly weird looking folks tut-tutting about the look of some very beautiful women!

E!, or should I say Eek! One guy with a goofy British accent, dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of yellow-colored boots (!) criticizing the star's ensembles... One weird looking guy with wild hair and short-sleeves revealing tattooed arms fussing about the stars' hairdos. OK, so they may be successful designers, but surely they could dress better and get a little grooming!