Friday, September 26, 2008

Live blogging...

Could someone explain to this blogger what "live blogging" is all about? For example, multiple people are live blogging the presidential candidates' debate. What exactly is the thought, purpose, or value? And who is the intended audience?

Presumably there aren't people at home sitting at their computers hanging on the live bloggers' every update... After all they could simply be watching the debate themselves at the same time (on television or online)! Why not form your own opinion vs. seeing the debate through someone else's reaction to the debate? Why settle for a pale shadow vs. watching the real thing? And if folks want to see the reactions of Andrew Sullivan, Kevin Drum, etc. after the debate is over then what additional clarity do they get by reading 'micro-reactions' at 09:03, 09:07, 09:12, 09:25, etc. as opposed to a single, complete, coherent wrap-up and reaction blog post?