Friday, September 26, 2008

Election peeves - I

This blogger has multiple election peeves, some of which he has vented about in previous posts. Here are a couple of smaller ones:

"My friends..." Could someone in the mix please ask Senator McCain to stop with the "my friends" line? This blogger finds this patently insincere, throw-away, "filler" line very annoying, if not insulting. Especially when it comes right before something that clearly shows that there is no 'friendship' there!

On the other side, could someone please tell Senator Obama to stop 'tailoring' his English depending upon his audience? When speaking to predominantly African-American audiences he seems to drop the last letters off his words, and his diction and pronunciation change. OK, tailoring your message to your audience is acceptable, but there is correct English and there is correct English. Obama is erudite and extremely well-spoken, this blogger (at least, he can't and doesn't speak for the audiences in question) finds it condescending that he does this... Annoying too.