Friday, September 26, 2008

Carbon footprint

Calculating one's carbon footprint is all the rage, so this blogger ran through the questions at the two links below. Each came out with quite different results. Apparently this blogger's household carbon footprint is either approximately 22 tons/year or it could be 51 tons/year. Quite a large difference. Either way this blogger appears to be a 'carbon footprint hog' and significantly above the U.S. average, although below that of "similar US households." And let's not even talk about the world average... Oh well, even though these numbers look bad this blogger's adverse impact on the planet will probably be very significantly less onerous than the vast majority of those with a smaller footprint - as this blogger has no children his carbon contribution will end upon his cremation, while theirs will carry on (in probably increasing numbers) through the ages...

CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator (University of Berkley)
Earthlab Earth Conservation Profile