Sunday, April 3, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XIV

Another QR code reader for the Blackberry, albeit one that is focused on a narrower segment, is ContactScanner by appsFX. This is not a free program, but runs at $7.99.

ContactScanner can "... not only create a QR Barcode of your own contact information, but by using the built in camera on your BlackBerry we give you the ability to easily scan and store contact data from other users. When the QRBarcode is scanned, the data can be instantly translated for future reference. Application Features: Easy to use process, supports both VCard and MECard formats, create VCard or MECard QR barcodes from text, automatically convert any contact to QR barcode..."

ContactScanner generates 'vcard' and 'MECard' QR codes from your contacts, which can be saved or e-mailed...

Successful test with a MECard - ContactScanner read the QR code, decoded it, and added the abbreviated contact information...

Not quite the same success with a vcard - ContactScanner read and decoded the QR code, but then when it added the contact to the BB address book it had problems (losing the last name, along with much of the accompanying information, see below)

Confirmed that this was not a problem with the 'vcard' QR code, as the Mception Scanner decoded it and created the contact correctly without a hitch using the identical QR code!

The bottom line? Not sure why one would pay $7.99 for a QR code reader that only does 'vcard' and 'MEcard' QR codes when you can get outstanding free readers that do all of the different types of QR codes... On the other hand, with a paid program you have some support that you can follow up with if it doesn't work as advertised.

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