Saturday, April 2, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XIII

Another QR code reader (tested on a 9800 Torch) is Mception Scanner by Mception, "... an emerging technology company with its next generation platform for Augmented Reality, Smartphone mobile device applications and technologies that integrates traditional, digital, and future innovations that dynamically engage qualified consumers to the product brands and services of their interests for Clients from marketing initiatives to point of interests and product sales. ..." Note: the Mception Scanner is a "take a photo and decode that" QR scanner.

The very first attempt at scanning a QR code was only partially successful - while Mception read the QR code correctly there appeared to be some sort of issue either when it passed the url to the browser or at the Google link shortener, because it produced an error code. This wasn't an issue with the QR code or the shortened url because a) other QR code readers read the same QR code successfully, and, b) typing the shortened url '' into a browser resolved correctly...

However, further attempts on other 'url' QR codes did not product the same problem and were successful e.g. see an example below:

Example of a success:

Mception Scanner had no problems with both 'sms' and 'text' QR codes:

Mception Scanner successfully read a 'MEcard' QR code, but subsequently does not seem to be able to automatically add it to your contacts... Note, however, that it was able to decode a 'vcard' QR code and subsequently add it to the BB contacts address book!

Mception Scanner nicely stores your QR code history on your BB...

The bottom line? It only functions as a QR code reader, but does that fairly impressively! Recommended.

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