Saturday, April 16, 2011

Random QR stuff

On his blog Dave Delaney observes that "... advertisers are increasingly using QR codes in bathroom advertising..." (example here) and suggests a humorous response - a QR code of his own design, which when scanned resolves as per the below:

Some recent articles on QR code uses:
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Radisson Edwardian hotel group introduces QR codes in its restaurants (UK)

Some recent Microsoft Tag uses in advertising:
Tag Makes Car Shopping Easier
Covergirl Sweepstakes Gets Pretty with Tag

QR Planet, a media company "... focused on web projects and in particular the design and implementation of strategies for integrating physical and virtual worlds. ...", is running their '3rd International Contest Of QR-Tales', a little weird and not particularly QR-centric...

Scanbuy releases 3rd Mobile Barcode Trend Report showing continuing strong global adoption rates "... report will provide a comprehensive look at how actual users are engaged in mobile barcode scanning today, with data collected globally from January 1st, 2011 to March 31st, 2011..." Go here to register and download the PDF report...

QR Codes: 26 MUST-HAVE Facts [Data & Charts] observes that "... While QR codes are popping up with greater frequency on marketing materials, ads and other surfaces, much of the population still doesn’t know what they are or how to use them..." and then goes on to provide "... 26 QR code data points complete with charts and analysis..." to help understand where things stand (example chart below):

Blog entries referencing QR codes:
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