Sunday, April 17, 2011

Great quotes

"Let's say that she's 90 percent [recovered]... Well, we've had congressmen in Arizona who didn't even have a brain. So, it's not like you have to be as talented as she is to be good at it."

- Mike McNulty, Gabrielle Giffords' last campaign chairman, speculating on a Giffords run for Arizona's Senate seat.

"Not just political sense, but decency, dictates that if Gabby enters the Senate race, any Democrat should exit"

- Democrat Rodney Glassman, who is considering running for the seat "... as a placeholder for Giffords, vowing to turn over his contribution list and infrastructure to her the moment she entered the race..."

Presumably one can wish her the very best and hope for an eventual full recovery, while still being appalled by this: "... Although she was completely unaware of it, the wounded Gabby Giffords had become the most potent political force in the state..." Apparently many, from her staff to some of the state's Democratic political establishment, see this as a good opportunity to "leverage" the populace's good will and to use her as their "ticket" to the Senate seat... "Decency" indeed...

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