Monday, February 14, 2011

Misc update VI

The January 28th, 2011 blog entry 'Look at Lebanon' suggested that "... (M8)... put forward a PM candidate to prove it (Ed note: that they have a parliamentary majority), but will NOT form a govt. They will spend the next several weeks and months talking a lot about a unity government, but making it as difficult for Hariri as possible, and counting on him to not go along with it. However, they will refrain from setting up a M8-only version. Essentially, the name of the game *right now* is to temporize and buy time, pending the STL indictments being made public (and then seeing how it pans out). Rather than a M14 govt backing the STL, or a M8 govt against the STL (but not credible), best for them right now would be NO government. Clearly this is not tenable for the long haul, but HA is in a tough spot and buying time is the best they can do *right now*…"

In the almost three weeks since there have been multiple meetings, talks, more meetings, but no proposed cabinet. And now, "well informed diplomatic sources" say that "... Cabinet formation has been postponed until after the indictment by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is issued..." Hmm. no shock here! However, if this truly was 'pushed' by the EU, then that was a silly move on their part, and they were well and truly snookered by Hezbollah and M8!

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