Sunday, May 25, 2008

Make that President Sleiman

On May 11th Bad Omen said
“ … This most recent Hezbollah move has “tested” Sleiman, who passed with flying colors by keeping the army “neutral” (in fact some have felt that the LAF aided Hezbollah, though that’s probably going a little too far.) Now, with Hezbollah turning over the over-run area to the army and with Sleiman strengthened as a result it might be easier for Nasrallah to get Aoun to go along with Sleiman for president…”
and on May 21st the Doha agreement consecrated General Sleiman as the next president. Obviously the fact that March 14th acceded to the opposition’s demands for a “blocking third” also helped seal the deal, but HA has to have pressured Aoun, to whom the filling of the presidential chair must be especially galling (since filling that position himself has been his single-minded goal and raison d’etre)…

So, today General Sleiman doffed his uniform and was voted into office. This blogger wishes him the best of luck, he’s going to need it as all the contradiction and conflicts in Lebanon are still unresolved and lurk right below the surface!

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