Monday, May 5, 2008


It’s an amazement to this blogger that so many people invest all their hopes and dreams in any one person running for the presidential nomination This applies to many of the supporters of all three of those remaining in the race, Senators Clinton, Obama, McCain (listed alphabetically and not in any particular order of preference!) Note: the remainder of this post will reference Senator Obama, but everything said applies equally to backers of Senator Clinton, and an analogous situation exists for the supporters of Senator McCain.

As with your 401(k), 403(b), and other investments this blogger would recommend that folks do not pin all their hopes and dreams on the success/failure of one candidate, but that they diversify…

So, you believe that Senator Obama can change the tone in Washington. Regardless, diversify, put equal or more effort in selecting and then backing the Democratic party candidates for the Senate and House, and the same for your local elected officials!

First, Obama might not win. Second, even if he does, without gains in these other areas as well your preferred candidate might still be stymied in his efforts to get change. You say that Obama has a track record of reaching across the aisle, working with Republicans, etc., etc. Great, but just getting him elected won’t have everyone singing Kumbaya. You should note that despite any cooperation ‘at the edges’, on the main issues that critically divide the two parties (e.g. FISA modification and telecom immunity, SCHIP, the “war” in Iraq, domestic spying, and a host of other important issues) since the Democrats took over the Senate the Republicans have used the "silent" filibuster over one hundred times derailing a host of Democratic priorities. In all of these critical issues there has not been even one example of Senator Obama being able to bridge differences, or of being able to reach across the aisle to persuade any Republican senators to vote for cloture to defeat the silent filibuster to get the legislation passed.

So, diversify!!

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