Saturday, May 10, 2008

Short Takes

1. Looks like Hezbollah is an equal opportunity employer, see link:

Armed and Dangerous

2. Law Day, U.S.A., 2008 - Linked without comment, President Bush signs a proclamation celebrating the rule of law.

3. The presidential campaigns are in full run mode, as evidenced by the stupidities they engage in e.g. Senator McCain’s camp claiming that Senator Obama is raising the issue of his age. Perhaps Obama should have replaced “bearings” by “marbles.

Obama accuses McCain of 'losing his bearings'

4. Some people have an excessive amount of time on their hands, witness the brouhaha related below. You’ll notice that Senator McCain pops up in this story too, more evidence of the stupidities referenced above…

US Makes Changes To Cremations For Slain Troops

5. And finally, perhaps Senator Obama can provide evidence of his farsightedness, leadership, and ability to form coalitions, by working to derail the travesty that is the Farm Bill (currently making  its way through Congress). No? This blogger didn’t think so!

The Farm Bill: Back to the Trough

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