Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lebanon: Doha noise

This blogger has it right... The leaders of the various Lebanese political factions negotiating in Doha, Qatar (and their various surrogates) should shut up and cease doing their negotiating via dueling press releases and statements (e.g. see snapshot of headlines below from NOW Lebanon).

And in just the space of two and a half hours (news briefs from Ya Libnan):

17:35 : Minister Safadi has reservations about the electoral law proposed by the Arab Ministerial committee
17:30 MP Hussein Ali Hassan Khalil said the opposition considers the two proposals by the Arab Ministerial committee as non-existing.
17:03 Geagea told Loubnan Al-Horr radio: The arms of Hezbollah is a vital and important issue. We have concentrated all our efforts on this subject and the Arab Ministerial Committee has promised us good news.
16:56 : Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem calls for the formation of a special committee of 4 , tow from the opposition and two from the government loyalists to study the proposals and come up with a recommendation for an agreement
16:26 MP Hassan Yaakoub told Al-Jazeera: Neither the opposition nor the majority gave their complete consent to the proposals, and what is happening now is new discussions revolving around these two proposals in an attempt to find a solution that satisfies both sides.
16:22 : The opposition refused the two proposals suggested by the Arab Ministerial committee to solve the crisis. Opposition leaders are convening now to discuss their options for the next phase after they return to Beirut.
16:10 "or TV": Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem is meeting with Gen. Aoun at the "Sheraton"
16:02 Jaloul told Arabiyyeh TV: we are living in Lebanon the same atmosphere that preceded the assassination of Lebanon's prime minister rafik Hariri and that is why we are calling on Hezbollah to take its weapons from Beirut
15:26 Hezbollah MP Hussein Hajj Hassan said the Beirut election constituencies are the focal point of difference with the majority. He accused the majority of wanting to win the 2009 elections in Beirut in May 2008 in Qatar
15:20 MP Antoine Zahra told LBC : the Beirut election constituencies are the focal point of difference with the Hezbollah-led opposition.
15:02 MP Pakradonian tells "LBC": "the division of Beirut into three electoral districts of 5 , 7 and 7 MPs in per district is rejected by the opposition because it does not take into account the sectarian balances in Beirut. The optimal distributions is the electoral districts of the 1960 elections law." The opposition has been pushing for the 1960 law ever since the subject came up

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