Sunday, January 10, 2010

Great quotes

Picture credit: Walid Jumblatt sets a new course (an ever-green headline!)

"The return to the circumstances that preceded May 7 (2008 incidents) is useless except for stirring feelings by those who are dominated by their uptight vision" - Walid Jumblatt, Progressive Socialist Party MP (and leader)

"Today, we gather to restore the unity of stances and the painful chapters have been turned through the sacrifices of everyone." - Ali Hassan Khalil, Amal MP

"We will stay consolidated and we will defend our land. Our solidarity deep-rooted the choice of resistance against every aggression, and together we will support the Palestinian cause." - Mohammed Raad, Hezbollah MP

"We stress upon our unified constants and no sound is higher than the sound of national reconciliation. Let's embrace the resistance because it is the only guarantee to protect Lebanon" - Talal Arslan, Lebanese Democratic Party MP (and leader).

After a "reconciliatory gathering"

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