Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great quotes...

"... Coakley campaign noted concerns about "apathy" and failure of national Democrats to contribute early in December. Coakley campaign noted fundraising concerns throughout December and requested national Democratic help... DNC and other Dem organizations did not engage until the week before the election, much too late to aid Coakley operation... Because of the failure of national Democrats to support Coakley, she was forced to devote significant time to fundraising in December. She also released a variety of plans in December and had a public event nearly every day..." - Quotes from a memo put out by the Coakley campaign in the special election for the Senate in Massachusetts.

“... The candidate in this race and the campaign have been involved in the worst case of political malpractice in memory, and they aren't going to be able to spin themselves out of this with a memo full of lies...” - response from an unnamed 'senior Democratic Party official'

"... Look, we’re never in place of a campaign; a candidate has to run their own race. When the alarm bells went off, we sprung into action...” - Senator Menendez, DSCC Chair.

"... “She had a humanity deficit as a cold campaigner, but they didn’t try to warm her up — or, instead, define the race about big issues — and instead ended up with a referendum on likability...” - anonymous Massachusetts Democratic Party veteran.

"We're always in touch with our members. In the House, we don't have surprises when it comes to elections..." - House Speaker Pelosi snarky comment on the election.

And most of this back-and-forth sniping took place on election day with the polls still open!

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