Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Some 'blankety-blank' collections company has taken to calling this blogger's cell number, looking to contact a "Janella McKinney." Back in December I answered and told that they had the wrong number, and the representative said she would make a note and stop the calls. However, the calls continued (see above). Two further attempts to get them to stop calling were unsuccessful (they hung up!). Unfortunately the BB 9700 always says "unknown number" because this blogger would really like to know who is doing the calling so as to report them to the FTC.

Next stop, Epic Applications, to purchase Call Blocker Pro. After installation, the set up in 'Settings - Options - Call Blocker Professional' (see screen captures below) allows a number of possibilities. Quickly checking off 'Block all Unknown Numbers' with action 'Pick Up and Hang Up' and the calls are taken care of...

Well, it's working well, as they keep on calling... The best $2.99 I've spent.

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