Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Taking it back...

"... Au cours d’une interview accordée à la chaîne iranienne Press TV, le chef du Rassemblement Démocratique et Dirigeant du PSP Walid Joumblatt a estimé que l’établissement de bonnes relations diplomatiques entre le Liban et la Syrie est un pas très positif, indiquant que ses anciennes accusations contre le régime syrien sont des paroles lancées dans un instant de colère. « Dans les moments d’indignation, on est capable de dire n’importe quoi sous le coup de l’émotion » a-t-il affirmé ...»

Ed trans: "... During an interview given to the Iranian chain Press TV, the leader of the Democratic Gathering and the PSP, Walid Jumblatt said that the establishment of good diplomatic relations between Lebanon and Syria is a very positive step, indicating that his old accusations against the Syrian regime were words spoken in a moment of anger. "In moments of indignation, people are capable of saying anything under strong emotions” he said… "

Although in the article he appears to be talking mostly about Hezbollah, he might also be referring to statements like this (this one about Bashar al-Assad) "... We have come to Freedom Square to tell you, oh tyrant of Damascus, you ape unknown to nature, you snake from which even the snakes have fled, you whale vomited by the ocean, you wild desert beast, you creature that is only half-man, you Israeli product at the expense of the corpses of the South Lebanese, you liar and arch-killer in Iraq, you criminal blood-shedder in Syria and Lebanon”