Sunday, October 26, 2008

The US Army and conservation...

Partly in response to recent legislation (the FY 2009 National Defense Authorization Act, that requires that the president appoint a Director of Operational Energy Plans and Programs to designate a senior responsible official in each service, while coordinating their multiple energy programs) the U.S. Army has decided to launch an initiative to reduce its huge energy needs... A Senior Energy Council has been created, to be co-chaired by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Installations and Environment and the Vice Chief of Staff (currently Keth Eastin and General Peter Chiarelli respectively).

Per the Defense Science Board, in FY 2006 the Department of Defense consumed 110 million barrels of premium fuel and used 3.8 billion kilowatts of electricity (total cost USD 13.6 billion). Understanding that much of this occurs at fixed installations (bases, etc.) the Army plans to work on converting army bases from their current state as energy consumers to net energy producers within 15 years e.g. by installing wind, solar, biomass, etc. generators to power the bases and to provide excess energy to nearby towns.

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