Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Everything takes more time... (updated)

... in Lebanon. After months of wrangling, Doha and a President; further weeks of wrangling, a cabinet; more weeks to an agreement on a ministerial statement; and finally today the parliament's vote of confidence (100 votes of a possible 107, two abstentions and five who refused to grant the cabinet their vote of confidence). One wonders if they have any energy left to start passing legislation and running the country (as opposed to running it into the ground!) This blogger wishes them all good luck.

PM Siniora addresses parliament after vote of confidence
Cabinet adopts ministerial policy statement despite reservations
The preamble and excerpts from the 2008 ministerial statement
At Last (Lebanon)!
Make that President Sleiman

Updated 08/13: On August 6th Standard & Poor's ratings services upgraded its long-term sovereign credit ratings for Lebanon to 'B-' from 'CCC+'

Long on Hope, Short on Time - Lebanon

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